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Virtual or Live Mind-Body Focused Nutrition Therapy and Comprehensive Treatment Services

In addition to practicing in a research-based hospital system in her early career, Beverly created and cultivated a nutrition private practice along with a multi-level eating disorder treatment center. Beverly was the first nutrition professional to integrate Yoga therapy with comprehensive treatment. Currently, Beverly provides mind-body focused nutrition therapy. She offers virtual counseling, along with in-person nutrition therapy at a comprehensive outpatient treatment center with a team of psychiatrists, nurses and psychologists, along with certified alcohol and drug counselors - individual appointments and group programs.

Mind-Body Focused Nutrition Therapy Assessment

Food and behaviors assessment, health and treatment history, pain assessment, interface with treatment providers, along with meal and treatment planning. A thorough assessment paves the way for a successful nutrition counseling experience.

Mind-Body Focused Nutrition Therapy
Follow Up

Review of food intake and behaviors, pain re-assessment, implementation of meal and treatment plan, evaluation of laboratory work if available, further information provided. Record and meal photo app available for upload and discussion.

Mind-Body Focused Nutrition Therapy

A series of session follow-up packages allows the time to thoroughly address food and respective behaviors, dietary interventions for pain management, while reinforcing meal and treatment plan, in a comprehensive method.

Are you or your loved one struggling with an eating disorder and don’t know where to turn for help?

As an experienced eating disorder professional, who has owned and operated an intensive level of care eating disorder treatment center, Beverly is connected in the treatment community, while understanding evidence-based guidelines for level of care placement. Services include:

• Individualized assessment of needs
• Consultation with your current treatment team if available
• Interface with interventionist if needed
• Expedient and individualized placement into appropriate higher level of care
• Monitoring, support, addressing ongoing questions/concerns and advocacy during treatment, including denial management
• Step down across the continuum of care, including identification of an outpatient treatment team
• Transition back to school, college or the workforce
• Step down across the continuum of care, including identification of an outpatient treatment team

• Intervention Services available

Professionals: Beverly can assist you with placement needs based on your recommendations for your respective client.

To contact Beverly Price, please go to the Contact Us page. You may also book a free, informational consultation here.

"Bev Price was a lifesaver for us when we needed her. Our daughter was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and although we were under the supervision of a Psychiatrist and Therapist, we simply could not stabilize her. I called Bev (I knew she worked in this industry) and after explaining the entire story she immediately came up with the correct plan. Then Bev directly helped me put that plan into action. With Bev’s guidance, we sent our daughter to a Residential Facility. Although this was not easy for us, we knew it was the correct decision. We also had several bumps along the way (mostly our insurance company) and again, without Bev’s knowledge and guidance – we may have had to pull our daughter out of the program prematurely. Bev saved the day !! Beverly Price knows her stuff and I can guarantee that this emotional experience would have been even more painful without Bev’s help. I strongly advise anyone going through something like this to not go it alone. There are too many obstacles and without proper help – your child may suffer. Two Giant thumbs up for Beverly Price. "
- A grateful parent

"I knew who to turn to when my friend needed guidance for his daughter who was struggling with anorexia nervosa…and that was Beverly Price. Beverly is a specialist in eating disorders and knows the players in eating disorder treatment, nationwide. She explained the difference between a higher level of care setting as what was needed over outpatient services at that moment in time. Beverly answered several questions and addressed concerns of my friend, provided information on the importance of family therapy in the process and clarified insurance roadblocks. My friend followed Beverly’s recommendations, and his daughter is making significant progress at an inpatient/residential treatment center. If you or your child is struggling with an eating disorder, and don’t know where to turn for treatment, Beverly Price is the one to consult with, and will set you on the right path."
- JulieAnn